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Millet Silver TRX 9.8 70 M Ropes - webbing Vert Climbing,Millet clothing,Online Store_checkout
Millet outdoor clothing us Millet Climbing Ropes - webbing , Millet Silver TRX 9.8 70 M Ropes - webbing Vert Climbing,Millet clothing,Online Store Millet sports trail running shoes,timeless design

This dynamic climbing rope is highly robust. Its 9.8 mm diameter lets you progress in total safety, confident that you’re properly belayed. For your companion on the ground, things are made easier by this rope’s belaying comfort, which gives both climbers peace of mind. And here’s the icing on the cake: this model promises impressive durability, courtesy of its exclusive Triaxiale construction. The expert’s view “A rope is subject to all kinds of environmental influences – falls, rubbing against the belaying equipment, etc.” says Michel Paccalet, Millet product manager. “It’s a matter of physics, with chains of molecules that don’t remain in their initial state – the internal filaments that make up the core of the rope lose their properties and efficiency. Experience shows that, thanks to the Triaxiale structure, the filaments are neatly arranged, not left to move about freely, and so they sustain less wear by rubbing.” The bottom line A longer product lifespan. What does Triaxiale mean, Michel Paccalet (Millet product manager) “It’s a manufacturing process requiring machines that are able to braid the cores and not just to twist the polyamide threads. These braids protect the core threads from internal abrasion.” That’s because ropes wear out gradually from the inside. And a rope is the life line that unites the members of a climbing team. A dynamic rope absorbs impacts, and therefore enables safe falls, which are fairly inevitable in climbing. In the mountains, ropes are put to a very tough test: abrasion on granite, sharp rocky arêtes, rope-jamming cracks while rappelling, trickling ice, falling stones… Your safety depends on its strength. To make sure the link lasts, Millet’s exclusive Triaxiale construction guarantees outstanding longevity for your mountain life line.


- Climbing


- IMPACT FORCE : 840 daN
- EXTENSION : 35 %
- STRANDS : 48
- Diameter : 9,8mm
- Weight 4.47 Kg


Anti-friction treatment
- Treatment enhancing abrasion resistance. Millet ropes deliver more durability and offer more resistance to rocky surfaces.

Anti-twist Pack:
- All dynamic ropes are 'Anti-twist pack'. This exclusive folding process is built for climbing.

Middle Marking:
- MIDDLE MARKING = 15cm black mark that indicates the middle of the rope. It an essential safety tool that will prevent a shortage on top
rope downclimbing.

Single rope:
- A single rope should be used on simple days and straight routes without abseil. The single rope is not recommended for abseils.

- One or more ropes used to form a braided core ensure resistance and safety in case of major snap on the cord pipe. It reduces internal abrasion on the rope when a fall occurs.


Millet products are not just designed to last, they are also easy to maintain. Careful use and regular upkeep will guarantee the best results out of your products and will extend their life.

In case of doubt, always refer to the instructions written on the label of your product.

- Millet shoes should be washed in water and by hand using a soft brush or a sponge.
- Above all, never put your shoes into either a washing machine or a dryer.
- Drying should be done naturally.

- Millet backpacks should be washed in water and by hand using a soft brush or a sponge.
- Above all, never put your backpack into either a washing machine or a dryer.
- Drying should be done in the open air.

- Caring for a rope is critical in order to guarantee optimal safety when it is used.
- To wash a rope, it is necessary to use clean, warm water (temperature less than 30°C) and a non-aggressive detergent (such as a liquid Marseille soap-type detergent or a detergent for delicate textiles). If necessary, brush it with a soft brush.
- Drying should be done in the shade and away from any source of heat.
- Store your rope in a dry place, out of the reach of the sun.

- Air out your Millet sleeping bag regularly to give it back a bit of freshness and to make sure the bag is completely dry before storing it away.
- For sleeping bags that do not contain down, general washing and drying instructions apply.
- For sleeping bags that do contain down, please see the section “Products Containing Down,” below.

- When dealing with products containing down (100% or hybrid), machine washing is done using a delicate program with a special down detergent or a non-aggressive detergent, along with tennis balls placed in the wash to prevent the down from sticking together. If there is too much detergent left over, run the rinsing program again by itself. Do not put the product through the washing machines spin cycle.
- Drying may be done flat in the open air, turning over the product regularly to dry it well, or in a tumble dryer on a delicate program.

- Millet clothing must be machine washed at 30°C, and machine dried using a low-temperature program. To guarantee optimal washing without degrading the product, close up all velcro closures, snap fastenings and zippers, and loosen elastic drawstrings before putting clothing in the machine.

- This is the case particularly for the following materials: Gore-Tex, Polartec Neoshell, Dryedge, Windstopper, Element Shield
- After closing the velcro fastenings, zippers and snap fastenings, wash your product at 30°C with a bit of non-aggressive detergent or a special detergent for waterproof materials. If there is too much detergent left over, run a rinsing program again by itself. Drying should be done in the open air or in a tumble dryer at low temperature.
- It is possible to use a specific product to re-waterproof your product or to give it back water repellency.

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